Publicaciones derivadas de tesis de Maestría en 2010

Maestría en Ciencias del Suelo

En revistas científicas con referato

  • Behrends Kraemer, F. Chagas, C.I., Irurtia, C., Garibaldi. L.A. 2010. Bacterial retention in three soils of the Rolling Pampa, Argentina, under simulated rainfall. Journal of Soil Science and Environmental Management 3 (1): 341 – 353.
  • Chagas, C.I., Santanatoglia, O.J., Moretton, J.A., Paz, M., Behrends Kraemer, F. 2010. Microbiological contamination dynamics in runoff water and sediments in cattle production lands of Argentina. Ci. Suelo (Argentina) 28 (1).
  • Irizar A; A Andriulo; D Cosentino & C Améndola. 2010. Comparación de dos métodos de fraccionamiento físico de la materia orgánica del suelo. Ciencia del suelo 28:115-121
  • Torres Duggan, M.; Rodríguez, M.B; Lavado, R.S.; Melgar, R. 2010. Eficiencia agronómica del azufre elemental relativa a una fuente azufrada soluble en trigo en la Región Pampeana. Ciencia del Suelo 28:67-77

Maestría en Producción Vegetal

En revistas científicas con referato

  • Cicchino, M., Rattalino Edreira, J.I. and Otegui, M.E. 2010. Heat Stress during Late Vegetative Growth of Maize: Effects on Phenology and Assessment of Optimum Temperature. Crop Sci. 50:1431-1437
  • Cicchino, M., Rattalino Edreira, J.I., Uribelarrea, M. and Otegui, M.E. 2010. Heat Stress in Field Grown Maize: Response of Physiological Determinants of Grain Yield. Crop Sci. 50:1438-1448
  • Correa-Tedesco, G.; Rousseaux, M.C.; Searles, P.S. 2010. Plant growth and yield responses in olive (Olea europaea) to different irrigation levels in an arid region of Argentina. Agricultural Water Management 97:1829¬-1837
  • Geréz, Carla; Carbajo, María; Rollán Graciela; Torres Leal, Guillermo; Font de Valdéz, Graciela. 2010. Inhibition of Citrus Fungal Pathogens by Using Lactic Acid Bacteria. Journal of Food Science 75:354-359
  • Hall, Antonio J., Mariano M. Sposaro, Claudio A. Chimenti. 2010. Stem lodging in sunflower: Variations in stem failure moment of force and structure across crop population densities and post-anthesis developmental stages in two genotypes of contrasting susceptibility to lodging. Field Crops Research 116:46-51
  • Sposaro,M.M., P.M. Berry, M. Sterling , A.J. Hall, C.A. Chimenti. 2010. Modelling root and stem lodging in sunflower. Field Crops Research 119:125-134

Maestría en Recursos Naturales

En revistas científicas con referato

  • Buono, G., M. Oesterheld, V. Nakamatsu, J.M. Paruelo. 2010. Spatial and temporal variation of primary production of Patagonian wet meadows. Journal of Arid Environments 74:1257-1261
  • Quiroga RE, RA Golluscio, LJ Blanco, & RJ Fernández. 2010. Aridity and grazing as convergent selective forces: an experiment with an Arid Chaco bunchgrass. Ecological Applications 20:1876-1889
  • Varela, S.A.; Gyenge, J.; Fernández, M. E. & Schlichter, T. 2010. Seedling drought stress susceptibility in two deciduous Nothofagus species of NW Patagonia Trees. Trees: Structure and Functions 24:443-453. DOI 10.1007/s00468-010-0412-2

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