Publicaciones derivadas de tesis de maestría en 2013


Ciencias del suelo

  • Behrends Kraemer, F., C.I Chagas, H.J.M Morrás, J. Moretton, M. Paz and L.A. Garibaldi. 2013. Influence of physical and chemical soil properties on the adsorption of Escherichia coli in Mollisols and Alfisols of Argentina. Rev. Int. Contam. Ambie. 29 (1) 7-20
  • Behrends Kraemer, F., Chagas, C.I., Cosentino, D., Garibaldi, L.A. 2013. Adsorption and affinity of Escherichia coli to different aggregate sizes of a silty clay soil. International Journal of Sediment Research 28:535-543.

Producción Vegetal

  • Agüero, J.J., y Kirschbaum, D.S. 2013. Approaches to nutrient use efficiency of different strawberry genotypes. International Journal of Fruit Science, 13(1-2), 139-148.
  • García, G.A., Hasan, A.K., Puhl, L.E., Reynolds, M.P., Calderini, D.F. y Miralles, D.J., 2013. Grain yield potential strategies in an elite wheat double-haploid population grown in contrasting environments. Crop Sci. 53, 2577-2587.

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