Publicaciones derivadas de tesis de Maestría en 2004

Maestría en Ciencias del suelo

En revistas con referato

  • Andriulo A, Sasal C, Portela S. 2004. Impacto ambiental de la agricultura Pampeana. IDIA XXI: 77-81.
  • Boschetti G.; Quintero C.; Befani M. 2004. Dinámica de las fracciones de fósforo en el suelo en una pastura fertilizada. Revista Científica Agropecuaria, FCA, UNER. 8(1):65-71.
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  • Urricariet S, Lavado R S, Martín L. 2004. Corn response to fertilization and SR, DRIS and PASS interpretation of leaf and grain analysis. Comm. in Soil Science Plant Analysis 35: 413-425.

Maestría en Producción vegetal

En revistas con referato

  • Boschi, C.; A. Di Benedetto y C. Pasian. 2004. Prediction of developmental events onSpathiphyllum floribundum cv. Petite based on air thermal units. Journal of Horticultural Science & Biotechnology 79 (5) 776-782.
  • Calvo, G. and Sozzi, G.O. 2004. Improvement of postharvest storage quality of “Red Clapp’s” pears by treatment with 1-methylcyclopropene at low temperature. Journal of Horticultural Science & Biotechnology 79 (6): 930-934.
  • Cantagallo, J.E., D. Medan, and A.J. Hall. 2004. Grain number in sunflower as affected by shading during floret growth, anthesis and grain setting. Field Crops Research 85:191-202.
  • Prystupa P., R. Savin and G.A. Slafer. 2004. Grain number and its relationship with dry matter, N and P in the spikes at heading in response to NxP fertilization in barley. Field Crops Research 90: 245-254.

Maestría en Recursos naturales

En revistas con referato

  • Garbulsky M.F. and Paruelo J.M. 2004. Remote sensing of protected areas to derive baseline vegetation functioning characteristics. Journal of Vegetation Science 15: 711-720.
  • Windauer, L. B; Slafer, G. A.; Ravetta D. A. 2004. Phenological responses to temperature of annual and a perennial Lesquerella species. Annals of Botany 94: 139-144.

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