Publicaciones derivadas de tesis de Doctorado

Año 2024

Año 2023

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  • Oyarzabal M., Oesterheld M. (2023) Assessing multiple limiting factors of seasonal biomass production and N content in a grassland with a year‐round production

Año 2022

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Año 2021

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  • Urvieta, R., Jones, G., Buscema, F. et al.  2021.Terroir and vintage discrimination of Malbec wines based on phenolic composition across multiple sites in Mendoza, Argentina. Sci Rep 11, 2863

Año 2020

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Año 2019

  • Albarracín, V, Hall, AJ, Searles, P.S and Rousseaux, M.C. 2019. Responses of shoot growth, return flowering, and fruit yield to post-pruning practices and growth regulator application in olive trees. Scientia Horticulturae 254: 163-171.
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Año 2018

Año 2017

Año 2016

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Año 2015

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Año 2014

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